About Anthony

Anthony Fata's expertise as a high-level strategic real estate broker evolved from his experience in corporate mergers and acquisitions. It was through tactical corporate and personal alliances that his real-estate career proliferated, allowing him to become one of the major players in the high-end real estate market in York, Greater Toronto Area, Durham, and Peel regions. After years of experience in the industry Anthony has flourished as a commercial, land-development and residential-estate broker, a statement proven by his long list of distinguished clientele.  His understanding that continued exemplary client service provides for retention of his extensive client base, as well as allowing for recruitment of potential clients, demonstrates his commitment as well as his astute business acumen.

As a Greater Toronto Area native and current resident of York Region, Anthony understands the nuances of the multiple pockets that comprise each neighborhood. His experience is unrivalled in the industry and he is willing to share the depth of his individualized knowledge; no question you have will go unanswered. He is ready and prepared to help you with all of your needs and anticipates working hand in hand with you through a successful real estate experience.

Additionally and apart from his advanced knowledge of local York, Greater Toronto Area, Durham, and Peel regions real estate markets, Anthony succeeds in the industry due to his level of commitment, highly developed problem-solving skills, and his penchant for providing outstanding service with a goal of flawless execution for his clientele.  To better serve his expanding community and client base, this led Anthony to add Judith Varga to his team—a sound decision based on her own well-proven track record in the industry.